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What's it About?

This is much more than just the historical account of a biblical underdog victory. This is a story about God using regular people to do the unthinkable. The Left-Handed Warrior, is a story about people like you and me. Many times, the very thing that we’ve viewed as a handicap is actually the strategic plan of God, that He uses to bring our success. Left-handed warriors were very uncommon, even viewed as weak and inferior in their day. For this specific task, God didn’t choose just any warrior - He chose a left-handed warrior. You see, the advantage of the left-handed warrior had everything to do with the ability to conceal the sword. Anyone else would have failed; anyone else would have been exposed. Anyone else, wouldn’t have been the left-handed warrior.
God is still looking for people to do the unthinkable and impossible. Our world is in need of left-handed warrior today; not actual stealth killers, but people who dream big dreams and accomplish impossible tasks. Ehud was successful at breaking the shackles of national bondage off of his people. Nobody thought he could do it, but what looked like his handicap and downfall was God’s preparation at work. Common sense would tell us that we can’t do the unthinkable; but tell that to Ehud. Time will only tell what God will do with you, you may be the one they never saw coming. Inside each of us dwells incredible potential, incredible possibilities, and incredible exploits. I believe inside each of us there lies, a left-handed warrior.

What People are Saying

At times, we all need to be inspired to reach for more, to be better at what we do, and to live with a larger vision. Jamie Jones delivers that inspiration with a punch in his new book, The Left-Handed Warrior. With no excuses and no holds barred, he pushes each of us to believe in ourselves and to live a life of doing rather than just dreaming. I encourage you to devour this transforming book. Absorb these teachings in your core as you live large, with the wind in your face and with nothing held back.
-Dr. Dave Martin, ‘Your Success Coach’ and author of Twelve Traits of the Greats
Pastor Jamie Jones has written an absolute instruction manual on moving forward in faith. Read this book and prepare to be inspired not to settle. When you put these time-honored principles to work, get ready to shatter the walls of containment in your life!
-Jim Raley, Lead Pastor, Calvary Christian Center Ormond Beach, FL author Hell’s Spells and Dream Killers
Looking for perfection is the mother of all procrastination! How easy it is to be overwhelmed by the ‘strength’ of what is a life-challenging obstacle in front of us while focusing on the perceived ‘deficiencies’ in our own ability. Within the pages of his book, The Left-Handed Warrior, my friend Pastor Jamie Jones will give you courage to engage your moment of opportunity and discover the life you were born to live!
-Bishop Tony Miller, Author, Pastor of The Gate Church, Oklahoma City and Bishop of Destiny Network
We are so quick to give God reasons as to why He can’t use us. The Left-Handed Warrior will not only challenge that thinking, but will empower you to go after your dreams despite what you may define as faults. Pastor Jamie Jones is able to beautifully convey a powerful message that will make you get off your couch and chase the impossible.
-Kristen Alvarez, Founder and CEO
Great accomplishments start with believing in yourself. The first step is knowing who you are and understanding that as a child of God, you are positioned for greatness. I love stories and books like this one that encourage and reinforce the truth that our Father has created a masterpiece in each of us. The Left-Handed Warrior is a remarkable book of inspiration and hope for living with boldness and confidence.
-Christine Martin, author of Recharged
When I heard Pastor Jamie preach to a standing room only crowd in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, I knew that he was special. His new and incredible book entitled, “The Left-Handed Warrior,” puts you on the front seat of exciting reading.  Once you begin, it will be almost impossible to put the book down. Pastor Jamie is an incredible motivating speaker and writer, who has the passion necessary to help you tell the world, “Jesus is the Answer!”
-Sam Johnson, Executive Director, Priority One
From the very first page of this book, you will engage the mind of a man with a flair for a supernatural reckless abandon. Jamie Jones is not writing a book for the mere spiritual success of the believer, but for the world domination in the Holy Spirit that can arise when the principles and practical measures of this book are engaged. Don’t wait, READ and LIVE ABUNDANTLY!
-Allen Griffin, Evangelist and author of Undefeated
I have know Jamie Jones ministry for years! His new book The Left-Handed Warrior is a challenge to us all young and  old. A healthy reminder that God never wants to stop using us, but we still have to be the ones who get out of the boat. Game changer for sure!”
-Trent Cory, Lead Pastor “Hope City United” Albany, GA and International Recording Artist